Albion One VST Crack Mac&Win + Torrent Latest Version

Albion One VST Crack Mac&Win + Torrent Latest Version Download 2022

Albion One VST Crack is everything you need to make film music in one box. A 109-piece orchestra, accompanied by a thunderous cinematic percussion section, recorded at the world-famous Hall at AIR Studios London, plus wrappable loops designed by award-winning engineers, and an enormous steam synthesizer. Containing high dynamics and energy, whilst being highly flexible across multiple genres, choose from four mic positions and a huge range of articulations, including our renowned legatos, for extra control. Perfect for first-timers and established composers alike, this industry standard product is the perfect place to start your film scoring journey.

Albion One VST Crack With Torrent Latest Version & Free Download

Key Features:

  • We knew that to create a great film scoring tool we had to go to where the best film scores are recorded. Air Studios in London was founded by Sir George Martin, the legendary producer behind The Beatles. Its Hall has been the choice of Hollywood directors for decades, with countless blockbuster scores being recorded there (Justice League, Interstellar, Harry Potter, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Lord Of The Rings – the list goes on). Our Albion ONE Free Download orchestra was recorded by award-winning engineers via world-class equipment: priceless ribbon and valve mics through Neve Montserrat preamps, the largest 88R Neve console in the world, and onto pristine 2” tape, before being converted with the top-of-their-class Prism AD converters at 96k. No expense has been spared to capture in the same way as for the movies.
  • The original Albion concept was simple – it had to be everything you’d need to score a film, in one single product. Each of these techniques is captured across a range of notes, and by section (Brass Low, Mid and High, Woods High and Low, and Strings), giving you the flexibility to program or perform your orchestral compositions with plenty of control.
  • New UI design and NKS-ready integration
  • Orchestral: 15 new combination patches, combining different techniques and instrument groups in exciting ways
  • Percussion: Additional Easter Island hits plus new mixes by Jake Jackson
  • Stephenson’s Steam Synth: 63 new sounds and 67 presets, all by Spitfire Co-Founder Christian Henson
  • Brunel Loops: 78 new recordings across 8th, 16th, and 12th rhythmic patterns, plus 90 new presets, including 51 made by Christian Henson.

Albion One Orchestra Strings:

The main selling point of Albion is that its orchestral sections are pre-orchestrated, so rather than (say) separate first violins, second violins, violas, cellos, and basses, you get a blended ensemble of all five, mapped according to the range, with the lower strings giving way to violins in the high register. This would be a disadvantage for old-school orchestral composers who like to construct arrangements in traditional score format one instrument or section at a time, but for less experienced users seeking more instant results, it’s a Godsend. Simply put, it means you can immediately hear the sound of full orchestral ensembles doing their thing, enabling you to concentrate on musical creation without having to continually think about what patch you’re going to need next.

Though the honeymoon phase of my relationship with orchestral samples is now just a happy memory, the library’s main ‘Strings. NK patch managed to rekindle my ardor. It contains a spiccato articulation of the highest order, a commanding, briskly brushed stroke played by a six-octave, full strings section. Sounding amazingly lush and sheer in AIR’s spacious hall, this impressive delivery works exceptionally well on loud, vigorous rhythm passages, but it’s also capable of light, subtle interjections. Overall, it’s a great string texture that almost compels you to write music and a sound with which I can happily improvise for excessive periods.

Accompanying this stellar articulation is a useful set of basic playing styles. The ‘Spic/Stac’ patch uses a slightly longer bowing than the tense, ultra-brief spiccatos, while looped long notes are on hand for string pads. These ultra-dynamic sustains can sound both romantic and forceful, and although Spitfire hasn’t published their section sizes, they achieve most of the plush, expansive quality of the large string ensembles featured in the company’s Mural Ensembles, and are warmer and somewhat more full-bodied than Albion Vol 1’s original strings. A simulated con sordino style models the tone of muted strings; though some may bemoan the lack of real mutes, this is an attractive timbre that by its nature perfectly matches the unmuted samples, enabling you to switch between the two with no nasty surprises. Excellent tremolos, exquisitely plump pizzicatos, and col legno bow hits are also included.


  • Ready-to-go blended orchestral sections and percussion performed by top players in a world-famous hall.
  • Recorded from multiple mic positions.
  • Also includes an extremely versatile collection of rhythm loops, synth sounds, and effects.


  • The blended ensemble approach means there’s no access to individual strings or winds.
  • Limited brass and woodwind articulation menu.
  • No proper manual.


Designed for those who want instant orchestral sound without having to painstakingly program the individual elements, Albion One takes much of the strain out of creating orchestral arrangements. Combining a large, great-sounding orchestra recorded at AIR Studios with big-screen percussion, rhythm loops, synth pads, and effects, the library provides all the essential ingredients for modern media scoring. The lack of solo instruments and individual sections, coupled with the small brass and woodwind articulation menu, make it unsuitable for recreating the detail of a traditional score, but it achieves its mission of giving users “all the essential tools used to make modern epic cinematic music” very well.

Albion One VST Crack With Torrent Latest Version & Free Download

System Requirements:

  • Requires Kontakt 6 or + (cracked version only)
  • 32 bit / 64 bit
  • Windows 10 & OSX 10.13 or up
  • 4 GB free disk space on the system drive
  • Working on ANY Daw

How To Install?

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